What Can I Do About Poor Performing Fundraising?

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To address issues with poor performing fundraising, the key strategy is optimization.

Optimization is a buzzword these days across many fields. The dictionary broadly defines it as making the best of a situation or circumstance. This overgeneralized definition inspires little more than yawns and complacency. But the digital era has packed a lot more into the term “optimization” and made it a critical part of fundraising success.

Say you are working to acquire new first-time donors. You would develop a communication—an email, an ad, or whatever the creative may be—and you test it. One of three things generally happens next. The creative performs well, and its use is expanded, it performs poorly and is cut, or it is optimized.

The optimization process involves a systematic and data-driven approach to analyze and refine various elements of your fundraising campaign. Here are several steps you can take:

1. Data Collection
Begin by gathering comprehensive data from your campaign to understand its current performance.

2. Identify Weak Points
Use the collected data to pinpoint what aspects of the campaign are underperforming.

3. Targeting Improvements
Enhance how you target potential donors by refining audience segments to ensure your message reaches the most responsive groups.

4. Creative Adjustments
Modify the creative aspects of your campaign, such as the ad text to make it more compelling or the imagery to make it more engaging and evocative.

5. Optimize Calls to Action
Refine buttons and calls to action to improve user interaction and click-through rates.

6. Landing Page Revisions
Adjust the donation page to be more descriptive, concise, or emotionally resonant. Consider changes in the layout, color scheme, or flow to improve user experience.

7. Channel Testing
Experiment with different communication channels to find the most effective ways to deliver your message.

8. Overcome Conceptual Barriers
Address any broader issues with the campaign’s message or approach that may be hindering its effectiveness.

9. Revamp or Rebuild
If certain aspects are consistently underperforming, consider a major overhaul or starting from scratch on those parts.

10. Learn from Failures
Even if a campaign ultimately fails, use the insights gained to inform and improve future campaigns.

Optimization is an ongoing process that requires persistence and flexibility. By continually analyzing, testing, and refining your approach, you can enhance the performance of your fundraising efforts.

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