Why Do My Emails Keep Going to Spam?

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If your emails keep landing in the spam folder, it can be incredibly frustrating, especially when you are trying to maintain regular communication with your donors. Email is a powerful and cost-effective tool for building donor loyalty, sharing impactful stories, and expressing gratitude. However, to ensure your emails reach your donors’ inboxes and not their spam folders, you need to understand some common pitfalls and how to avoid them.

1. Low Subscriber Engagement

Subscriber engagement is critical for email deliverability. If your open rates are low, webmail providers might flag your emails as spam. To combat this, segment your email list into active and inactive subscribers. Focus on sending emails to those who have engaged with your emails in the past 180 days to boost your open rates.

2. Lack of Permission

Always ensure you have permission to email the recipient. Never purchase email lists, as sending unsolicited emails is a surefire way to end up in the spam folder. Build your list organically by encouraging sign-ups through your website and other channels.

3. Unrecognized Sender

If recipients do not remember subscribing to your emails, they may mark them as spam. Ensure your opt-in page is well-branded so subscribers recognize who the emails are from. Implement a welcome or drip campaign to keep your new subscribers engaged and familiar with your communications.

4. Misleading Subject Lines

Your subject lines should be compelling but not misleading. Avoid using common spam trigger words like “buy,” “clearance,” or “free.” Instead, craft subject lines that genuinely reflect the content of your email and motivate readers to open it.

5. Missing Unsubscribe Link

Providing an easy way for recipients to unsubscribe is not only courteous but also legally required. Always include an unsubscribe link in your emails to allow recipients to opt-out if they choose.

6. No Physical Address

The FTC requires a valid physical address in your emails. Omitting this can cause your emails to be marked as spam. Include your physical address in the footer of your emails to comply with this regulation.

By addressing these common issues, you can improve your email deliverability and ensure your messages reach your donors’ inboxes.

Once your emails consistently reach the inbox, they can be an invaluable tool for nurturing donor relationships and supporting your organization’s mission.

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Article courtesy of Infinity Concepts