How to Connect with Gen Z: Understanding Their Unique Media Consumption

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If you are looking to catch the eye of Gen Z, those vibrant individuals born between 1997 and 2012, it is time to dive deep into their world. Comprising about 20% of the US population, this group is not just large; it is incredibly diverse and digitally native, reshaping how brands approach marketing.

Born Digital, Living Mobile

Picture a generation practically born with smartphones in hand. That is Gen Z for you. Nearly every one of them

owns a smartphone, and they are not just for calling or texting. These devices are their portals to audio, video, and a world of online shopping. With 93% of Gen Z glued to their mobile screens, understanding their digital fluency is crucial.

Multitasking Masters

For Gen Z, one screen is never enough. A staggering 86% will be on their phones while watching TV, often shopping or diving into more content. They are quick to pause an ad to explore a product further, with nearly half engaging in online shopping during their screen time. QR codes in ads? They are not just scanning; they are buying.

The Beat of Their World: Music and Social Media

Music pulses through their daily lives, with a significant 83% streaming tunes from their phones. But where do they find their next favorite track? Streaming services and YouTube lead the pack, reflecting their appetite for on-demand and diverse content.

Social media is not just a pastime; it is where they shape their preferences. From what to watch to what to listen to, 76% of Gen Z look to platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat for inspiration. And though Facebook might seem like yesterday’s news, it still secures a top spot in their digital hangouts.

What Gen Z Craves

Diversity, authenticity, and a dash of creativity define Gen Z. They seek content that resonates with their values, offers a laugh, or provides a new perspective. Brands that want to engage with Gen Z need to think differently—embracing innovation, authenticity, and a genuine understanding of what makes this generation tick.

Marketing to Gen Z is not about sticking to the old playbook. It is about embracing their digital-first lifestyle, understanding their diverse interests, and engaging them where they live online. With a bit of creativity and a lot of authenticity, connecting with Gen Z is not just possible—it can be incredibly rewarding.

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Article courtesy of Infinity Concepts