3 Tips for Improving Your Donation Forms

by | Digital, Fundraising

Picture this: You have put your heart and soul into crafting the perfect campaign to catch the eye of potential donors. Your targeted ads have cut through the endless online buzz, bringing hopeful supporters right to your donation page. They are just a few taps and clicks away from contributing to your cause. But here is where things can get tricky—sometimes, despite all your efforts, donations slip through your fingers at the last moment.

Why does this happen? The culprit is often overly complicated donation pages. That is right—a confusing form can stop a willing donor in their tracks. But do not worry—we are here to help smooth out those bumps in the road to make giving as easy as pie.

Here is how you can fine-tune your donation process:

1. Keep It Simple
Ever felt bogged down by a form asking for your life story? Your donors feel the same. If your donation form is a marathon of questions, you are likely to lose people halfway. Stick to the essentials—just get the info you need to process their gift and say a big ‘Thank you.’ Less really is more when it comes to form fields and boosting donations.

2. Go Digital with Payments
Have you noticed how many people are using digital wallets like PayPal, Apple Pay, Venmo, Google Pay, and Cash App these days? They are not just for online shopping; many donors love the convenience of charitable giving, too. Our clients have seen that adding PayPal alone can account for 30% of donations. Millennials, in particular, are keen on using these platforms. Adding these options can significantly widen your donation pool.

3. Make Mobile a Breeze
Ever tried navigating a clunky website on your phone? Frustrating, isn’t it? With more than half of us browsing and reading emails on our mobiles, optimizing for these devices is not just nice—it is necessary. This means quick-loading pages and forms that look good on smaller screens. Implementing digital payments helps here, too, making it easier for mobile users to show their support on the go.

Capturing the hearts (and support) of donors in today’s distraction-filled world is tough, but do not let a cumbersome donation form be the barrier to your next contribution. Streamline your process with these tips, and watch the support for your cause grow!

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Article courtesy of Infinity Concepts