3 Things Never To Do With Your Subject Line

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Crafting an attention-grabbing subject line is like the key to opening the door to your emails—it has got to be just right! To help you avoid the pitfalls and get your emails opened, here are three things you should never do with your subject line.

1. Avoid the Snooze Button

Imagine your subject line is the snooze button on an alarm clock. You do not want your recipients hitting snooze and delaying opening your email. One common mistake is being too vague or generic. If your subject line lacks pizzazz or does not give a sneak peek into what is inside, it might get overlooked. Instead, be specific, highlight a benefit, or create curiosity to make your subject line an irresistible wake-up call.

🚫 Bad Example: Newsletter

✅ Better Example: Unveiling Exciting Updates in This Month’s Newsletter!

2. Steer Clear of the Clickbait Trap

Clickbait might grab attention initially, but it can lead to disappointment and a loss of trust. Consumers appreciate honesty, so do not promise something in the subject line that your email content cannot deliver. Misleading subject lines can result in recipients feeling deceived, which is not a good foundation for building lasting relationships. Aim for authenticity and transparency to keep your audience engaged and trusting.

🚫 Bad Example: Yo Have Won a Free Vacation! (when it is just a discount offer)

✅ Better Example: Exclusive Discount Inside: Your Ticket to Savings

3. Hold Back on the Caps Lock:

SHOUTING IN YOUR SUBJECT LINE MIGHT SEEM LIKE A GOOD WAY TO GRAB ATTENTION, BUT IT CAN COME ACROSS AS AGGRESSIVE OR DESPERATE. People appreciate a conversational and friendly tone. Overusing capital letters can make your email look like spam and might turn potential readers away. Strike a balance, and let your subject line speak to your audience as if you are having a friendly chat.


✅ Better Example: Do Not Miss Out: Enjoy 50% Off for a Limited Time

Remember, your subject line is the first impression, so make it a positive and inviting one. Keep it clear, honest, and friendly, and you will be on your way to capturing your audience’s attention and keeping it!

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