Effective and Affordable Channels

These are some ways we can introduce you to your audience


Email lists

We can send your emails to segmented and scalable quality lists. We provide demographic targeting of Inspire Media Group brands and our network of publisher lists.

Digital Marketing

Display and native advertising

We can display your ads on targeted websites, appropriate newsletters, and even retarget your audience using programmatic filters. Our service is designed to help you find the right audience by strategically showing your message to your target audience at the right place and at the right time.

Social Media Marketing

Social media

We can help you reach custom audiences for awareness, consideration, and conversions. Our ability to connect to Facebook’s advertising network and Facebook’s Ad Exchange (FBX) expands our online reach to millions of global impressions per month.


Inspire Newswire

We can provide access to over 40,000 media contacts to promote your message and achieve your PR objectives through our sister agency, Infinity Concepts.

Live Streaming

TV and live streaming

We can help you reach more people through Connected TV (OTT) advertising, utilizing geographic and demographic targeting.


Sponsored content

We can help you move potential customers through the sales funnel by differentiating, creating trust, and brand association via helpful content.

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